Wrist and hand pain

Why does it happen?

    1. Injuries
      1. Sudden impact
      2. Repeated stress
      3. Fracture 
    2. Arthritis
    3. Carpal tunnel syndrome (increased pressure on the nerve on palm side of wrist causes pain and tingling and numbness in some fingers)
    4. Cyst (soft tissue cyst in opposite side of palm might be the reason of wrist pain)
    5. Reduced blood flow to wrist bones. (Kienbock’s disease)

Above mentioned causes of hip pain can be addressed by a physiotherapist and can help you to get rid of hip pain except infection and fracture. Post-operative fracture care again requires physiotherapist’s attention for better movement and pain relieve.

How can I Confirm on my own?

Check for following symptoms:

Arthritic pain will be dull in characteristic and nerve pan will be sharp shooting with tingling and numbness. Cyst pain will occur on movement.

To confirm the diagnosis physiotherapist will perform certain test and will assess for other symptoms too.

How can I get rid of it by myself?

Moderate tapping by a book on cyst might lead to bursting of cyst will reduce pain caused by it. Stretching exercises for nerve entrapment will reduce the symptoms from carpel tunnel syndrome. Also keep an eye on your bone health. Eat calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus rich foods.