Terms and conditions for employee

Terms and Conditions

Being a member of Physio Falcon you, a physiotherapist, will agree with the terms and conditions of Physio Falcon as mentioned below:


Here by you agree that any data of the patient/client, approaching or taking treatment with Physio Falcon will not be disclosed by you to any other company or third party. Data including demographic data, assessment formats, diagnosis, radiological data and any data related to Physio Falcon and their patients/Clients. All the data should be kept confidential as for company reputation and patient/client right of confidentiality. 


A therapist must follow the discipline and etiquettes. The time and date given by the patient/client must be followed strictly otherwise Physio Falcon has rights to cancel the therapist’s appointment with that patient/client. You may change the schedule but with the consent of the patient/client and prior intimation to the Physio Falcon and to the Patient/client both. Therapists are allowed to take off on the Sundays and are also allowed to skip or change the schedule if any emergency occurs, but needs to inform patient and Physio Falcon.

Home visit allotment

Patient/clients will be allotted to the therapists as per the requirements of the patient/client. There will be no limit of the home visits allotment to one therapist. 

Patient/Client reporting 

Therapist must report the daily attendance and treatment progression/deterioration to Physio Falcon via call on +91-9726867770. Therapist must not change treatment protocol without intimation and discussion with Physio Falcon. Therapists are not allowed to convert the patient/clients of Physio Falcon to their personal Patients/clients (such actions will be tackle with legal actions and with penalty of Rs.5000 from concerning therapist).

Therapist safety

Any unexpected/misconduct behaviour and actions from the patient/client are not acceptable and therapists have rights to cancel appointments for those patients/clients with intimation to Physio Falcon. Misbehaviour by the therapists is also not acceptable.

Therapy Tools

Any tool for the best treatment and best outcome will be provided by the Physio Falcon to the therapist. Prior intimations are mandatory for tools. Any damage to the tools will be paid by concerning therapist to the Physio Falcon.

Payment to the therapist

Physio Falcon will pay the amount of the visit to the therapist by online transfer or through applications like Google Pay, BHIM, PayTm after the completion of whole home visit sessions. For payment and recording purpose therapist must provide his/her Identity proof and PAN card to the Physio Falcon. The amount paid by the patient/client will be shared with the therapist with 50:50 ratios. The sharing can reach up to 60-40 ration according to the performance and upgradation by the therapist. The promotion of therapist will be decided by Physio Falcon after having one-to-one meeting with therapist.

Training sessions

Trainings for the learning and upgradation of knowledge will be arranged by the Physio Falcon on WEEKENDS and therapist’s presence is must for all the training sessions. 


Here by you agree that you will follow all the rules and regulations and agree the terms and conditions of Physio Falcon. Furthermore you assure that you will always work for the betterment of the patient/client and you will work best of you for Physio Falcon’s benefits.