Role of Physiotherapy in Pain Management

Role of Physiotherapy in Pain Management

When in a pain whom do you remember first? Yes you might have those memories with nanny providing you turmeric patch when had any acute injury or might recall your grand ma placing the hot water soaked clothe on your mommy’s back when she has pain in back due to domestic work overload.

Now this is a new era with high end technology when someone hardly prefers traditional methods to get rid of the pain, especially when everyone is running lack of time. Thus the first name comes to mind when in pain should be ‘Physiotherapy’, a medical field which has both the knowledgeable professionals and technology.

Physiotherapists are healing hands to physical pain. Thorough knowledge of every pain type, its physiology and associated movement patterns from a physio can make anyone pain free and independent. These skilled hands know the approaches to minimize pain in quickest and fastest manner. Manual therapies, stretching exercises, strengthening exercises, electrical machines and pain minimising tools are their multidisciplinary treatment concepts. 

Moreover they play salient role in your pain management. How? White collar job and pain in back? Call your physio. Doctor suggested surgery for torn knee ligament? Call your physio if you want to avoid surgery. Even, do you have headache? Call your physio, he/she might help to relieve it. Assessment and diagnosis of your pain and its management with proper guidance are the key elements of one physiotherapist.

Many people have habit of taking painkillers when in pain. However medicine is a good choice but it can harm if taken more often or without any prescription. Hence physiotherapy is a way far more better which will help you to avoid those painkillers. Moreover physical therapy also allows you to prevent that pain and prevention of any pain is not possible with the GP’s prescriptions. 

Furthermore the most attracting part of physiotherapist in pain management is that you don’t need to visit clinic all the time. Door step treatments to get rid of the pain are also provided by physiotherapists. 

Physiotherapists are also a choice for the on field pain management in all international sports which was not there before on/two decades. On field any injury to the player, physios are there to wrap up player’s condition as quickly as possible to let the play go on. Moreover Bollywood celebrities are also hiring physical therapists for their fitness and also for the pain management. 

All in all, any kind of physical pain can be assessed, diagnosed and can treated by the physiotherapist in safest and smartest way. All you need to do is JUST TRUST YOUR PHYSIO!

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