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Physiofalcon is a team of physical therapists who have experience of more than 7 years. Continuous learning and skill upgradation of our team members make Physiofalcon very diverse and unique in terms of patient care. We work as a team to achieve our goal of patient care in minimum period and affordable rates.


Knee Care

Most vulnerable joints to get injured or pain! Don’t panic we have the solutions


Many sudden injures are seen in these joints which are preventable. See other conditions of these joint which can hurt your routine and its solutions.

Back care

Damage to your back can damage your old age! Exercises and lifestyle modifications can prevent that damage

Hip Care

Most vulnerable joints to get injured or pain! Don’t panic we have the solutions


I am Manisha saini and, I am a dancer by profession. I had 50% ACL ligament tear, 5years ago, and because of that I have stop dance for two year, I was on total bed rest for more then 6months and use to walk with support only. But after taking treatment with physio falcon now I am able to dance again and the results are unbelievable I not only dance but now I can run also with no pain. Must consult and contact physio falcon if you have any such problem.

image Manisha saini

Professional Dancer

Hello...I m Deepak rajput ...choreographer and founder of pace Creators dance academy....want to tell u that I took treatment from physio falcon...and the results r very satisfactory....and now I m feeling fine with the treatment given by physio falcon...thank u very much

image Deepak rajput


I really admire all your dedication towards your work..... You are not only a good doctor but also a great human.........Thank you so much for your treatment.........and being a Grt doctor......

image Megha ben


I'm Varsha Amlani. I'm a Fashion Designer. 5 year ago I met with an accident which fractured my left knee. After going through the surgery. I took treatment from PhysioFalcon which gave me satisfactory results. I will recommend PhysioFalcon to everybody... Thank you..

image Varsha Amlani

Fashion Designer

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